Boats on the Badalona beach, cloudy yet sunny, amazing view and colors.

Time-Unit (TU) Economy

Hello. My name is Eva. I am a millionaire. I use the Time Unit (TU) currency. In my world, TUs are limited to a maximum of 1440 TUs per day. No carry over. And TUs are not on sale, anywhere. I use some of my TUs for “must do’s”, activities that are somehow beyond my … Continue reading “Time-Unit (TU) Economy”

Photo of a woman graduating from University

Why Learning? An invitation to transform education.

Motivation drives our choices. And solutions. The devastating, mind & heart-blowing, covid-centered times we’re living have triggered the so-very necessary change in the educational system. Schools close, browsers open, clouds are overwhelmed, a generalized “what am I going to do?” or “How am I supposed to…?”, or even a “No way we can do…”. I … Continue reading “Why Learning? An invitation to transform education.”

Photo of a woman stressed out in front of the computer, holding a pen between her teeth.

Good ‘design manners’ wanted.

Having good web manners is about being respectful and considerate of the person for whom we are designing. The bottom line is, “please, don’t stress me, don’t waste my time, don’t upset me, etc.”. Technology continues, in many cases, triggering negative emotions, increasing stress levels. Often, this stress may linger throughout the day, affecting work … Continue reading “Good ‘design manners’ wanted.”

image of a Barcelona bus accident, half of the bus inside the building.

Don’t worry about machines reading your emotions, worry about those governing them.

There is a clear trend in emotions in general, and in emotions in AI specifically. The idea fascinates us, that something so “personal” can be read/captured by a machine. In many cases people respond with disgust to these new developments, in others, with curiosity, and the rest, with desire. The facts: wearable sensors, facial recognition, … Continue reading “Don’t worry about machines reading your emotions, worry about those governing them.”

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