Time-Unit (TU) Economy

Hello. My name is Eva.

I am a millionaire.

I use the Time Unit (TU) currency.

In my world, TUs are limited to a maximum of 1440 TUs per day.

No carry over. And TUs are not on sale, anywhere.

I use some of my TUs for “must do’s”, activities that are somehow beyond my control (sleep, caring for a dependent, working, doctor’s visit, etc.).

I use the remainder of my TUs to do the things I love and make me feel good.

Unfortunately, some of the TUs from my remainder are… wasted, used in ways that don’t enrich me, nor fulfill me in any way (alarm).

I value my wealth n TUs.

How did I become a TU millionaire?

  • I started reviewing my TUs and tagging them as “must-do’s”, “feel-good” and “wasted”
  • I practiced becoming more aware, through self-reflection, of “wasted” TUs to try and reduce this tag to the bare minimum (human error).
  • I began to look for efficient ways to reduce the TUs spent on “must do’s”


It’s a dream project, a guide, my own version of “The Four (tech innovator) Agreements”. Its objective is to use technology to help people become TU millionaires and live happier lives. The commitments involved are the following:

  1. to reduce the amount of TUs used in “must-do’s”. Is your tech solution reducing the time a person spends with their “must-do’s”?
  2. to help reduce “waste” TUs. Is your tech solution somehow detecting potential waste of TUs moments and guiding a person to replace that option with “feel good” TU’s options?
  3. to help a person truly take advantage of their “feel good” TUs in a way that the number of TUs is preserved. Is your tech solution allowing people to use and enjoy their “feel good” TUs regardless of their age, disability, context or moment? Is your technology adding to, enriching and benefiting the person?
  4. to reduce our time using ICT. Does your tech solution allow for more natural ways to communicate, work, learn, etc. Does your tech solution help reduce the time spent handcuffed to digital screens, be it phone, tablet, computer, highways or walls? To chairs?

I took the above photo myself a few weeks back, with an old phone. Beauty does not need expensive lenses, and it reminds me of the value of having the time to stay connected with the Universe. Hope you’ve enjoyed my musings.

Writing this post: 150 “feel good” TUs.